Saturday, 4 May 2013

Is Social Network Cultivating Social Media Hunger Games?

| Saturday, 4 May 2013 | 15 comments

People now a day are more concerned with cyber societies. They have online friends from around the world. Youngster also surf online organizations to seek new jobs and a lot of people work virtually from their homes. People are unable to provide physical appearance to their families but feel it comfortable to connect online.
Online communication is agile way of interaction and its also cheaper then other sources of communication.
With rapid emergence of social media networking and online interaction all business shifted to virtual market places and it’s become necessary to have online customers for long term success. Major organization around the world has solid online investment to capture their world share and keep them alive. They keep focusing to attract online customers with sophisticated websites and ads. Social marketing is a new business branch now days.
It’s also essential for an online organization to pay attention and have active correspondence with key customers. Organization try to keep active customer relationship management and also make it possible to keep customer based surveys for their upcoming or ongoing products.
Although this whole demonstration looks very great and cool with features described above. virtual market have a great charm for hackers and pirates, as its easy to penetrate within online customer data such as, credit card and other emoney transfer source.
Online trading also arises many security threats and information leakage of online customers. People feel insecure about their privacy and being deceived by online shopping system.

Now I have to focus on other dark part of social media as they divided whole world into different tires according customer purchasing trends. Like as in Tire-1 most of customers belong from America, Uk and other major western countries according their strong economies and money power, same as Russia,China,India and some others countires may be visible in Tire-2 having second major customer consumption trends and so on. And in last 2-3 Tire they adjust 3rd world countries like Ethopia,Rawanda including some Asian African countries having poor economies with low GPT.
It’s very dishearten situation as all major social networks like,Google,Facebook and Twitter also following same strategies to inspire global purchasers.
Advertisers also pay in same way, means they pay less for visitors from last tires and give more for first Tires.
I just remind off top rated movie “Hunger Games” while analyzing this whole situation, as per my views we are divided in to different territories according to our social and economic treads and situations.
You can not enter to other territories, and all online business divided into different tires which enhance feeling of poverty among 3rd world countries.
Sooner or later trade concepts may be developed by social giants (Google,Facebook,Twitter) and they also have a critical driving role and emphasis over governmental policies around the world.
It’s also not confirmed that, how much these networks are loyal with customer security and would not use customer data for any spying or revolutionary deeds.
Social networks already bring lot of changes with ongoing social structures of entire world and attract people towards them.

With emergence of Social Media, are we heading towards Social Media wars instead off cold or atomic wars?
Social Media reshaping over lives, or facilitating investors desires to acquire economies and people purchasing concepts?


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