Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Could you Purchase a Land Cruiser; better you should be a Pakistani Politician.

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Well it’s amazing to read post head but it’s not a joke as well, it’s a fact of Pakistani politics.
The most amazing part of my country politics is to have much money to take part in elections rise slogan of social reforms but did not let your status get down.
Participating in elections is a good investment in all possible ways its also bring popularity and reorganization. It also provide an individual self actualization and open new ways to do corruption remain themselves being white collard.
You can not imagine enrolling yourself as a politician if you have not such luxury with you, and if somebody do without having such bulky convince should not be elected for national assembly.
Its worse nightmare of Pakistani politics, you should be a social tycoon and better to be a feudal to participate as a political contestant. Pakistani politics is a worth million dollar business as political parties are not much concerned with people welfare. They are much concerned with their own deeds and interests and should try to repay themselves after electing.
I always got wondered that how could they spent a lot of money just for people welfare, its always unable to believe that they could not get that money after succession in elections.
Pakistani politics is more like a circus, political parties establish ground for success before electoral process and do advertise their self with all possible effort to attract voters, and they also pay and gain their emotional attachments by imaginary announcements and revolutionary slogans. They put maximum investment to take lead and humiliate opposite side with shameful comments and acts.
Pakistani politics based on various factors which badly effect overall trend of election procedure, people select candidates on family back ground their personal interests related to such political party and sometime being paid for their vote as well. This trend is much common in village area where people are illiterate and did not forecast afterward situation which their vote can bring to entire nation. They are also unable to make a sound decision and take supportive part in country’s politics. Being a middle man or a poor person you are unable to participate, because you have not much money to meet electoral procedure and general public did not also support you in any sense.
So what are you waiting for? If you have enough money to buy a land cruiser just submit your nominee papers and wait for being elected as a respective member of Pakistani Parliament and be sure there would be no hurdle stop you.


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