Thursday, 16 April 2015

Will Fast & Furious 7 Wins Oscar ?

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Vin Diesel believes "the tribute to the late Paul Walker should win the Best Picture award at next year's Oscars". He is pretty sure about his belief that F&F 7 will make a historic nomination in Oscar.

Well Oscar don't want to be relevant ever". it is also not confirmed that will they break their own rules to offer F&F 7 a prize just for a short clip of tribute given to Late "Paul Walker". Anyway on other it did not matter that movie wins an Oscar or not, because huge viewership across the world is no doubt a big reward for such thriller action.


Top 10 secrets about Fast & Furious 7 You Must Know


There are many rumors about Fast and Furious 7, as it's main actor Paul Walker passed away in a real life car accident. People are much suspicious about his act in movie.This accidental crash make viewers very sad and bring pain to their hearts, as they cant bear absence of any actor belong to series. There’s no denying that the 7th installment of the “Fast & Furious” film series is going to evoke tears as the late Paul Walker will be seen on-screen for the last time.
Titled “Furious 7”, the long awaited instalment of the “Fast and Furious” series is the 1st film in the series to take place after 2006’s “The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift”. It is undoubtedly going to be an exciting movie to watch as it is best known for its adrenaline pumping scenes. The film is set to be a revenge-driven thriller film as the death of Owen Shaw (played by Luke Evans) in “Fast 6” has his brother Deckard (played by Jason Statham) seeking revenge on Vin Diesel‘s Dominic Toretto and his gang.

We have arrange Top 10 Thrilling facts about movie for you.

1- Paul Walker’s brothers, Caleb and Cody, complete renaming scenes after death of Paul Walker pictured with advance filling technology.

2- F&F 7 is most expensive movie of the same Series.
3- Denzel Washington was offered to play a mysterious role, but he did not accept it.

4- “3 Idiots” leading star Ali Fazal will have 3 scenes special appearance in the film

5- Australian Rapper Iggy Azalea will have a cameo appearance

6- Diesel’s daughter owns a car from the movie

7- Paul Walker have a special tribute at the end of movie.

8- For a sky diving scence of a single car total 34 cars used to filmed it.

9- Michelle Rodriguez and Jordana Brewster were cast despite not having driver’s licenses.

10- A vehicular stunt was shut down as it was too risky to filmized.


Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Geo Tv Once again hited by Chairmain PTI Imran Khan

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During a protest in Lahore Charmain PTIImran Khan once again hit a major media group of Pakistan "Geo Tv". During his Speech Imran Khan Said that Meer Khalil ur Rehman you are a traitor and using Geo against people and country.


"Go Nawaz Go" For Ayyaz Sadiq


A person from a private airline company in Pakistan is being arrested by official for putting a slogan "Go Nawaz Go" for speaker National Assembly Ayyaz Sadiq.


Monday, 12 May 2014

Higher Education Commission (HEC) Declared MBA equal to M.Phil

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Here its a great news for MBA student of Pakstan, as HEC announce MBA equal to M.phil.


Saturday, 4 May 2013

Is Social Network Cultivating Social Media Hunger Games?

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People now a day are more concerned with cyber societies. They have online friends from around the world. Youngster also surf online organizations to seek new jobs and a lot of people work virtually from their homes. People are unable to provide physical appearance to their families but feel it comfortable to connect online.
Online communication is agile way of interaction and its also cheaper then other sources of communication.
With rapid emergence of social media networking and online interaction all business shifted to virtual market places and it’s become necessary to have online customers for long term success. Major organization around the world has solid online investment to capture their world share and keep them alive. They keep focusing to attract online customers with sophisticated websites and ads. Social marketing is a new business branch now days.
It’s also essential for an online organization to pay attention and have active correspondence with key customers. Organization try to keep active customer relationship management and also make it possible to keep customer based surveys for their upcoming or ongoing products.
Although this whole demonstration looks very great and cool with features described above. virtual market have a great charm for hackers and pirates, as its easy to penetrate within online customer data such as, credit card and other emoney transfer source.
Online trading also arises many security threats and information leakage of online customers. People feel insecure about their privacy and being deceived by online shopping system.

Now I have to focus on other dark part of social media as they divided whole world into different tires according customer purchasing trends. Like as in Tire-1 most of customers belong from America, Uk and other major western countries according their strong economies and money power, same as Russia,China,India and some others countires may be visible in Tire-2 having second major customer consumption trends and so on. And in last 2-3 Tire they adjust 3rd world countries like Ethopia,Rawanda including some Asian African countries having poor economies with low GPT.
It’s very dishearten situation as all major social networks like,Google,Facebook and Twitter also following same strategies to inspire global purchasers.
Advertisers also pay in same way, means they pay less for visitors from last tires and give more for first Tires.
I just remind off top rated movie “Hunger Games” while analyzing this whole situation, as per my views we are divided in to different territories according to our social and economic treads and situations.
You can not enter to other territories, and all online business divided into different tires which enhance feeling of poverty among 3rd world countries.
Sooner or later trade concepts may be developed by social giants (Google,Facebook,Twitter) and they also have a critical driving role and emphasis over governmental policies around the world.
It’s also not confirmed that, how much these networks are loyal with customer security and would not use customer data for any spying or revolutionary deeds.
Social networks already bring lot of changes with ongoing social structures of entire world and attract people towards them.

With emergence of Social Media, are we heading towards Social Media wars instead off cold or atomic wars?
Social Media reshaping over lives, or facilitating investors desires to acquire economies and people purchasing concepts?


Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Could you Purchase a Land Cruiser; better you should be a Pakistani Politician.

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Well it’s amazing to read post head but it’s not a joke as well, it’s a fact of Pakistani politics.
The most amazing part of my country politics is to have much money to take part in elections rise slogan of social reforms but did not let your status get down.
Participating in elections is a good investment in all possible ways its also bring popularity and reorganization. It also provide an individual self actualization and open new ways to do corruption remain themselves being white collard.
You can not imagine enrolling yourself as a politician if you have not such luxury with you, and if somebody do without having such bulky convince should not be elected for national assembly.
Its worse nightmare of Pakistani politics, you should be a social tycoon and better to be a feudal to participate as a political contestant. Pakistani politics is a worth million dollar business as political parties are not much concerned with people welfare. They are much concerned with their own deeds and interests and should try to repay themselves after electing.
I always got wondered that how could they spent a lot of money just for people welfare, its always unable to believe that they could not get that money after succession in elections.
Pakistani politics is more like a circus, political parties establish ground for success before electoral process and do advertise their self with all possible effort to attract voters, and they also pay and gain their emotional attachments by imaginary announcements and revolutionary slogans. They put maximum investment to take lead and humiliate opposite side with shameful comments and acts.
Pakistani politics based on various factors which badly effect overall trend of election procedure, people select candidates on family back ground their personal interests related to such political party and sometime being paid for their vote as well. This trend is much common in village area where people are illiterate and did not forecast afterward situation which their vote can bring to entire nation. They are also unable to make a sound decision and take supportive part in country’s politics. Being a middle man or a poor person you are unable to participate, because you have not much money to meet electoral procedure and general public did not also support you in any sense.
So what are you waiting for? If you have enough money to buy a land cruiser just submit your nominee papers and wait for being elected as a respective member of Pakistani Parliament and be sure there would be no hurdle stop you.

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