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Svetlana Alexievich got a Nobel Prize

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Svetlana Alexievich got a Nobel Prize in respect of her contribution to literature.
Svetlana Alexievich is totally unknown to me until I hear that she wins "Nobel Prize" of literature 2015.
A big reward for her and her effortless working for the people suffered through world war II.
She is Ukraine-born and currently living in Belarus.
She is also a poet and energetic investigation journalist.
She is deeply appreciated through all parts of the world specially from journalist, and people who are vowing voice for world war II victims.
Wining Nobel Prize also creates inspiration and motivation to those which belongs from under developed or developing countries.
She is also a symbol of courage and struggle for her fellows.
No doubt she is a role model for females, that if you thought to get something and have a defined goal in front of you, you can have it by hardworking.

So hats off for Svetlana Alexievich.


Now a new Trend is awaiting "Divorce over Whatsapp"


I just read out a news over TV that, A man divorced his wife through whatsapp".
Isn't it alarming ?
Isn't it showing new trends and hurt cultural vales across the globe ?
Are we suffering through lake of cultural connectivity ?
Are we observing verse part of cultural breakdown ?
Do we want it that way ?
Are we happy with such incidents ?
Why people are suffering through communication gap in this era of rapid communication ?
Why we are not much concerned about real relations instead of virtual relations ?
What would be the future of such trends and our hustle for virtually prominent ?

All these are the questions should be addressed before we grow old and our children stand on same age, where we are now currently.

We are adopting social media through all aspects of life.
We are becoming more reelecting over social forums and changing our life accordingly.
We are reshaping all mediums of living and communication.
All these adaptation are not too bad, but when it's better for us, they are also creating social problems.
These trends are positive, partially negative.
Positive part of social media applications is known to all people, even those which are not have basic knowledge about internet or previous usage.
People around the world using these applications on daily bases. They feel comfort to being connected with each other through these application. They have social circles, social workplaces, which are bring new social trends.
Online business places are more effective then real ones. Companies like Amazon and rest spent a lot of money to evaluate social trends set by users and buyers. People feel secure and delighted shopping online and sharing themselves with friends and social circles.

But when we turn to negativity of these social spaces, we are looking more concerned about social attributes.

Families are no more close to each other. People have less time for their current living places. They are not fully aware about closeness of their actual relations. Even studies shows that youth is not attracted towards playing grounds and other habits of healthier life. They are conscious about virtual friends and relations developed over these social sites.


Drones can overtake Robotic presence.


 Few years ago, we are much concerned about an era of robotics. We are looking forward an age of robotics taking place of human. Various movies covering that approach like , Terminator series, I-Robot ,etc.
But suddenly this concept being overtake by emergence of Drone technology.
News like " Drones are using to deploy medicine in African Countries."
Drones are being also used for emergencies by 911.
And just an other news flash today over Twitter that, Drones could be used sooner in Singapore for delivering mail.

Why this is happening so fast, and which are the major reasons for these rapid growth ?

First of all, they are much cheap and easy to adopt.
Second they are easy to control
Third, they can be produced with rapid response.
And finally, The CUI "Computer-User-Interference" is too easy for adoption of Drones technology.
Drones are now a days becoming hot cakes globally.
Drones are used by news firms globally for live coverage of events and taking a better eye over all major happenings.
Drones are also a hope for disables and people living a life of misery in third world.
Drones are effectively used in wild life care and even under the oceans.

Basic reasons to replace robotics with drone are like!
They are too small and have good mobility as compare to robots.
They can fly easily from one place to another with cameras.
They bring better view from the environment around them.
They are not that much expensive as much as robots are.
They can easily incorporate with social and physical needs of people.


How to make Baseball Excited and an Fun Game ?


Is there any place for new trends in Baseball ?
Will it need more updates to acquire people attention ?
And what kind of change make it more exciting and attractive to visitors ?

With Combination of (Bat and Ball), baseball was much popular during early span of 1900's and people are much attractive to it. It was a well known sports game across America.
Every baseball team consist of nine players use a leather covered hard ball, a wooden or aluminum bat and gloves for their hands.
It's somehow similar to cricket but much different from it. You have common things like bat and ball running and keeper fielders and strikers, etc. But its totally different too.
Baseball teams have to play their own innings and all team players assigned to different tasks like, pitcher , for infielders, and three out fielders.

Baseball is excited through various aspects like when a run is scored every time a hitter become a runner and crosses through and line dimension home plate after touching each base as per rules.

So coming to the point, how to make this game more attractive and excited for viewers ?
Is there any space for these changes and updating for baseball ?

I follower on Twitter said " Have Nicholas Cage and James Spader be the commentators for each game.
And another one said " Let them take steroids"
Haha and the most interesting one is
"When a runner gets to second base he must grope the shortstop's breasts or he's out"
"All punches are legal except at home base. All hand to hand combat must be one on one".
" There should be a female player to keep audience interest alive throughout the game".

These all are funny kind of treatments from different viewers.
My suggestions are like!

You should use random players and also give a chance to big fans of baseball from stadium.
Keep It short, a game with less time consuming and also give it flexible timing.
Let the players be in public places and also much friendly out of the ground.
They should be like wrestlers of arena and played like good athletes.
It should be an entertainment for all portion of audience.
Keep some mystery prizes for both players and audience during the play time.
Get rid of nets from back of home plates.

Your Good ideas are also needed. So Place your ideas in comments.
Help should be appreciated globally.


Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Chinese growing demand for Organic Food

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During Past few months, a major demand for organic food is observed in Chinese market.
People are more concerned about naturally growing foods and intakes.
They are aware about health hazards and bio effects over them and avoiding non organic food.

Organic farmers avoid to grow foods with fertilizing farms and tackle pesticides with anti pesticides chemicals. They take natural environment as a growing habit.
Organic farmers also make it confirm that soil should not being harmed by anti organic things and being nourish with identical portion of green house effect. They modify and maintain proper environment for better output of food and vegetables.

Organic food are rich and healthy and more nutritious. Countries like USA,European Union United Kingdom required producers or organic food from around the world to sustain proper availability with healthy organic food. They also need proper license holders to export to their borders.
China is growing market for various good and demand for organic food is increasing rapidly. Chinese are much concerned about their health from ancient times and pay more attention to it. They are keen before eating anything and looks for a healthier food to adjust with their day routines. Chinese culture appreciate consumption of natural resources for all parts of life


How much Americans are Satisfy with their Social Status ?


A joke a part " People are more connected socially then families"
They spent a lot of time over social networks like Google, Facebook , Twitter etc.
And the more interesting factor is researchers are also bound to conduct majority of research over social media habits. Marketing trends set according social media flows and products designed to nourish people virtually more then realistic.
 Large group of companies bring new products to acquire more audience on social media and remaining "The small industry" also shuffling to this ideology. Even a single restaurant has its own fan page and official twitter account.
They manage their core strategies according to surveys conducted virtually, and design products and services accordingly.

But this trend and bulk emergence of social media damaging social structure of societies and people which are available online 24/7 are unable to have just 5 proper minutes for their families. They don’t even care for a person sitting near their. They smile for a person sitting miles away.
This is a hurting situation and also leading a question mark for future.
Will we be the same in future or just become social monsters. Will we have sufficient attachments from our family in time of joy and stress and also got attention of our kids ?

Third world countries are suffering less as they are adopting technology slowly, but in coming future they also become major part of social movements.
Developed countries like USA,UK and others are suffering from these trends badly. Youth of developed countries cant imagine to live without social existence. They are much loyal to their social affiliations and feel it satisfactory to pay attention top these links.
They have all their activities over social media. They have virtual play grounds and virtual journeys, they have a huge virtual markets and business growing globally. But they are also loosing their true relations. They have less communication with family members and siblings.
Interestingly they feel happy and satisfied with their overall social status. They are happy for being alone at home but have a good social group, less communication at home but hangout with 50+ users on social sites.

Question remains "Why They Feel it that way, and satisfy with social status they have"?

 " What will be the future of their current social needs" ?


Hey give me a ride to "Mars"


Hey Jhon! Are you going to spent this summer on Mars ?
Hey Maria! I just arranged a party on my villa on Mars, do you like to join us ?
My dad has a wife living separate on Mars and I am going to see her soon.
From Mars World is looking like a cool ice cube, it's a splendid view no doubt.
Living on Mars is much better then compared to earth we have water and better atmosphere.

These are the phrases may be so common at the age of our children, grand children or grand grand children.
It's seems like a dream during 80s, 90s. Now it getting real.
Scientist making it happening to explore Mars. They are much excited for it and sooner or later they should get success to be the

re on Mars.
It's no more a dream.
People are also wish to see this expedition, and more of them want to be a part of it.
They also wish to personally be there and provided themselves as a souvenir for it.
Being their on Mars also required a great effort, effort of self existence to unknown circumstances and to an environment of aliens and freaking creatures. They are also feared not to come back to earth as their age did not allow it, and also doubted that may be their life got extended.
Same as they also have various dreams to that unknown land.
Dreams of settling themselves their with a good and better environment with great advantages of living.

So you could have a dream

So let us know about your dreams.
Discuss your ideas if you be there on "MARS"

And you excitement for that journey.

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